New look to the W.A.S. homepage got a makeover today:



13 thoughts on “New look to the W.A.S. homepage

  1. I have major brain f**k after reading this.Is this a good or bad thing?…I cannot help remembering the last web-site/forum disaster.Please god dont let us down boys,im expecting greatness from you.I hope when the guys say theirs news within the next few days that they deliver.I’ve been disapointed to many times!!!!

  2. Don’t worry, Joanne. I think it’s a good thing.
    I love what I read. And I don’t think we’ll be disappointed. I mean we know they are making progress with their new album, the tv-show was done and it’ll be W.A.S. season soon again. YAY. ūüėÄ

  3. Your right Kerstin,im gonna remain positive and focused,good things are about to happen.Im gonna repeat this mantra over and over again…..good things are about to happen,good things are about to happen,good things are about to happen,good things are about to happen.OH DEAR GOD PLEASE BE TRUE!!!!!!!

  4. More like a makeunder. Oh well, it is a sign of things to come. And who cares for professional sites anyways? All we need to know is that WAS is alive and well! They never update anything so this is good!

    • Yup! I thought the professional look to the site was great at first. But when my damn phone couldn’t view the site anymore, that’s when all the cute little animations and etc. lost their appeal.

      I thought the twitter account was a big step into them making an effort to update all of us more on what’s going on. We should all start taking bets on how often the new site’s going to be updated. ūüėõ

      • Very true. And that reminded me, have you seen your fabulous What’s the Word all mobile-like. It looks great! When I used to get on with my iPhone it was hard to navigate but now it’s fantastic. Just lettin’ those know who haven’t checked it out on their phones.

        • Oh shit, I just looked at it through my iPhone and it looks great! Haha! Thanks for pointing that out to me. I think all sites made through WordPress have that option to look like that so I guess my site got formatted nicely for phones too. Yay ūüôā

  5. Blimey,looks like im not the only one who thinks W.A.S should embrace technology and interact with us more.Here i was thinking i was alone in my opinions,but obviously im not!!!!!!

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