Philly show roundup

WAS played at Johnny Brenda’s last night in Philadelphia… I have no info on how this show was so if anyone was there, feel free to leave a comment, etc. All I’ve been able to find so far is that the temporary drummer they used that night was a guy named Danny.

Here’s a couple of Twitter pictures from the event:

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(from @amyisarockstar)

@scientistbros had a new drummer tonight Danny and he rocked on Twitpic
(from @ronjohn215)

ETA @ 7:19 PM: – finally, a review and set of photos:

We Are Scientists at Johnny Brendas 1/20/2010


4 thoughts on “Philly show roundup

  1. Woop woop we have a review and pics.I spent hrs looking for info yesterday and all i found was one pic and that our very own Mr Murray played drums for Bad Girlfriend again!!!…Lets hope someone posts videos on youtube and i laughed so hard that one girl screamed so hard for an encore…..we’d never do that would we????????

  2. FYI Renee: the drummer’s name is Danny Allen, he’s Australian, and he’s on temporary loan from another band. more details like this and photos will be in my gig reviews (note plural) and interview report from D.C. coming in the next couple of days.

    Christa and Nicole, it was really nice to meet both of you at the Cat last night – safe travels!

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