Penn State Roundup

ETA 1/28 with another video interview and review of the show

The Daily Collegian: From a house to the HUB: We Are Scientists comes back to State College, promises to party and bring ‘the rockage’

The Daily Collegian: We Are Scientists entertains audience

Onward State: 10 Questions With Keith Murray

WPSU: We Are…Scientists Rock Penn State

Interview with Danny and Chris from Pretty Much Amazing

Jack and Ginger (via lightningcollective)

Interview with Chris and Danny from The Lightning Collective

clip of I Don’t Bite (via alk5161)

clip of Dinosuars (via alk5161)


4 thoughts on “Penn State Roundup

  1. “That’s hard. I’d have to say it’s one that’s right now called “Foreign Kicks”. It’s going to be on our new album Barbra.”

    oh man. they ARE calling it Barbra, aren’t they? SWEET.

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