We Are Scientists on Gonzo

Keith and Chris were on Zane Lowe’s Gonzo on MTV for an interview and acoustic performance of Rules Don’t Stop:


Rules Don’t Stop (acoustic):

(videos via @ BeepTheWhat on Youtube)


4 thoughts on “We Are Scientists on Gonzo

  1. have to watch the interview yet, but that acoustic performance was absolutely amAzing. I so, so love it. and now I understand all the lyrics. 😉 absolutely wonderful. love it.

  2. This is just so, so sweet. Keith always looks intently into Chris’s eyes when he talks. He’s so in awe of him, it’s cute.
    Keith is just too beautiful.

  3. Pleeeease can we get this acoustic vid back up? I used to watch it all the time before it got removed, its better than all the other acoustic versions… so unfair! On a side note Keith Murray is sooooo hot. I deffo wanna use that body. MMM! xxx

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