We Are Scientists join the T in the Park lineup

NME: Kate Nash, Groove Armada, Black Keys join T In The Park line-up, Shed Seven, Chipmunk, We Are Scientists also added to festival bill


6 thoughts on “We Are Scientists join the T in the Park lineup

  1. T in the Park just announced the days and stages split and WAS are sorta middle on the 3rd stage. This seems a little low for them :/ The past 2 times they’ve been there they’ve played middle/high on the 2nd stage. Do you reckon it’s cause they’re on their own label now or just cause they’ve been away? It just seems odd cause they always get a big crowd and good reaction in Scotland :/

    • I just looked at what you’re talking about and that does look odd. That is a really strange placement for WAS- I don’t know why Mumford & Sons would be at the top of that section (I don’t have anything against them, I’m just not aware of how popular they are over there). What’s more surprising to me is that Broken Social Scene is lower than WAS, if this was an American festival they’d definitely be up higher.

  2. Yeah. There seems to be a lot of what I would think are smaller bands above them…but maybe I’m just not paying enough attention to what’s going on. I also think I might be in a bubble where I think WAS are bigger than I think they are(though almost everyone I know my age knows about them and people at uni commented on my WAS t-shirts a few times :/). I just don’t know. On the plus side it means I’ll definitely see them and they shouldn’t clash with anyone else?

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