Keith on Radio Heritage Network’s Snacky Tunes

Snacky Tunes (w/ We Are Scientists & Ana Sofia Joanes)

Keith Murray of We Are Scientists comes by and plays some songs off of the new record “Barbara”. Also on the show, Ana Sofia Joanes, director of “Fresh”.

Keith performs Nice Guys, After Hours and Rules Don’t Stop.


4 thoughts on “Keith on Radio Heritage Network’s Snacky Tunes

  1. At first I was going to say that they were talking more than him but it was super interesting the things Keith had to say about the whole record label deal. A friend of mine was making comments as to why they were at SXSW (a long with lots of other artists) to begin with as it’s mainly for unsigned bands so I kind of figured that they were looking elsewhere at least for the US since it always seems like a bit of trouble when it comes to doing shows here and marketing here.

    With that said, I’m wishing the boys super good luck with Barbara. I know lately it’s been super hard work for a lot of bands so I’m proud WAS kind of do their own thing. They’re really good at putting themselves out there and associating themselves with other good folks to make it happen. Other bands may be successful but Keith & Chris are at least unique and don’t have to totally sell their souls for an easy buck. I’m excited for the fall when they’ll do more US shows. I think I’ll actually follow a couple of dates if they do a string of shows down south. Sort of be their “band-aids” for a while. 🙂

  2. Yep I agree Miranda, good to hear Keith being interviewed by someone who actually has some sense and knows about the music business, interesting to hear Keith “open up” about things and not just make jokes. Loved the acoustic Rules, can’t get it out my head now!

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