Reviews for Rules Don’t Stop

Edited to add some reviews from the newspapers:

The Sun:

The Daily Mirror:

News of the World:

Sunday Times:

At 2m16s long you may have been expecting a spectacular short burst of pure pop pleasure. Unfortunately it is both short on time as well as in content and imagination.

The Guardian:

Sadly, this is the usual polished, efficient ho-hum college rock, about which the most interesting thing you can say is that it features the ex-drummer from Razorlight. Next!

BBC Chart Blog:

The verses are musically pernickity: clanging guitars, then ticky-chattery guitars, rumbly-tumbly bass and drums, and Keith and Chris wailing in sad empathy with you, the listener, about a problem which may on first glance appear to be insurmountable, because you’re foolish enough to do things the way everyone else does.

But guess what? Here comes the chorus! And by golly, it’s as if the sun has come out!


7 thoughts on “Reviews for Rules Don’t Stop

  1. Aww it’s sad that there’s bad reviews 😦

    On I guess a good note for the band, but a bad note for me, my hmv pre-order of the single has not been posted and it states they’re waiting for more stock so hopefully that means they sold out pretty quick.

    I want my vinyl…………at least I have the mp3 in the meantime.

  2. I do like BBC’s review though. it’s quite nice. and after all this time I don’t care about those bad reviews anymore. at least I try to.

    And I like Down The Hall. it has a certain tone to it that fits perfectly right now.

  3. Reviews are just people’s opinions,and the only opinion that matters to me is my own,and that song “ROCKS” with bells on!!!!….Nuff said lol

  4. The thing about WAS music is that I actually believe some of it is formulaic but it’s fun to dance to and Keith is an awesome writer. I can relate to a lot of his lyrics. I try to ignore the reviews and do what my dancing feet tell me to do!

  5. Rules “could have been sung by the Killers”. Eh? Ok I like the Killers, I have their albums, but I just don’t understand the constant comparisons between them and WAS. Overall mixed reviews, but I guess that’s to be expected. I didn’t think much of Rules first time I heard it, but after a few listens I got it and it’s been stuck in my head for a week.

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