Sunfest preview, interviews with Keith and Chris

Broward-Palm Beach New Times: Weezer Leads SunFest’s New Music Night Lineup

Just ask Keith Murray, frontman for New York’s We Are Scientists. “If you can measure the amount of love I have had for bands throughout my life, Weezer may be number one,” the affable musician tells New Times. “We’ve never played anywhere near Weezer, and we are not yet jaded to the point where we can say that playing on the same bill as one of our idols does not blow our minds.”

The National Student: We Are Scientists

As a band that met and formed whilst studying at Southern California University, I asked Cain upon closing to reflect on his own university experience, and pass on any advice to current students.
“I graduated in International Relations but I majored in babes. I’d advise students, however boring this may sound is to just enjoy the material, try not to focus on what is good for you but do something instead that will give you a buzz.

The Dumbing of America: History Lesson: We Are Scientists

TDOA: You’ve played late night network tv shows, huge festivals, your records have charted and gotten lots of great press over the years. What goals do you have for the future? Do you think you’ve accomplished what you originally set out to do?

KM: We’ve certainly surpassed our initial goals, by far. Playing main stages at festivals and selling out 10,000 tickets in London were never really part of the goal, you know? I think that’s why we still really enjoy the smaller shows and weirder perks (like making shows for MTV): because becoming ridiculously massive superstars was never part of the plan. If it happens, that’s great, too, but, really, we just like being allowed to pursue the random creative opportunities that have been coming our way since we got our foot in the door.


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