SunFest roundup

Miami New Times: Concert Review: Weezer, We Are Scientists, Crash Kings and Gringo Star at SunFest’s New Music Night

We Are Scientists has always been a gregarious act, no question, but it seems on this night, the guys had their cheekiness quotient cranked way up, sacrificing their musical acumen.

Photos from Ian Witlen from New Times:

Sun Sentinel: SunFest: Day 1 You Are There

Someone … someones … is burning some big ol’ blunts in the crowd for We Are Scientists at Tire Kingdom stage. Security is appropriately oblivious.

Keith Murray, the lead singer for the Berkley-bred bon vivants, keeps making Captain Morgan’s jokes. Kicking SunFest’s big sponsor. Be nice. But be funny.


3 thoughts on “SunFest roundup

  1. I was at this show and they were great! They played songs from all 3 albums and were kind enough to talk to some of the fans afterwards and even sign things. And don’t mind the Miami New Times article as they hate everything there.

  2. I agree with Johnny. We Are Scientists rocked. I also saw Gringo Star and thought they were great. The song “All Y’all” which he said sounded too much like a Kinks rip-off – sounded nothing like the Kinks, not that that would be bad. Has he ever even heard the Kinks or just feeding off the promo stuff? Obnoxious review.

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