We Are Scientists add in-store shows, give their rules of partying

We Are Scientists have a couple of in-store signings and performances lined up during the release week for Barbara (thanks to Joanne for finding these):


14 / Glasgow, Buchanan St. / hmv
15 / Manchester Arndale / hmv

The Guardian: We Are Scientists present the rules of…partying

You’re looking for this party, and you see a lighted window, but you can’t see very well what’s inside. Throw a rock through the window. Partiers will embrace your Dionysian gesture and welcome you into the fold.


13 thoughts on “We Are Scientists add in-store shows, give their rules of partying

  1. Okay so this comment might come off as controversial but I must say it somewhere… Does anyone else think We Are Scientists are taking quite a step backwards? Brain Thrust Mastery saw them trying some new sounds and writing more sophisticated songs while keeping their We Are Scientists swagger, as well as retaining their humor but not exploiting it. So far with this album, every song I’ve heard has been less than three minutes long and never struck me as anything more than “alright.” Their funny interviews and blogs and videos are still funny, but for me some are now coming off as a bit immature as these guys are getting older but now their music nor their personality seems to be growing with them. The songs are well written and I know that they’re trying to get back to songs that can be played by a three piece, but the songs themselves and the lyrics and everything seem almost too simple to the point of mediocrity. None of them seem to even have the lasting power of any of the songs of With Love and Squalor. Rules is a great pop song and a great single, but paired with Nice Guys and I Don’t Bite they’re all just starting to sound like really short pop songs with catchy hooks but that’s about it. There’s not much more to grab onto, the songs aren’t long enough for anything to get a hold of. I still love them but to me it’s just frustrating because I know how intelligent the band is and how they can write great songs, and just the stuff that I’ve heard so far off the album is so simple and so uninteresting that it seems like a lost opportunity to me. Anyone else feel this way or am I just being a pretentious prick?? Or am I judging too early?

    • I think you might be judging a bit early, we haven’t heard all the songs and pittsburgh is quite similar to the songs on brain thrust mastery

      personally I think anything they do is great 🙂

    • Well, I think I’ve heard less of the album than you (the two singles and a few lives of “Jack and Ginger,” plus some randoms at a recent concert), but I actually am really digging what the new album is starting to sound like. But, then again, I wasn’t a huge BTM fan, which is hard to admit, since I’m a pretty big fan of the band themself.

    • I find a bit too early to judge as well. I’d also like to note that I was not a huge fan of BTM myself and was kind of hoping their latest work returns back to that pop punk feel which, with the few songs I’ve heard, go there. I think when it comes to WAS I like the quicky and catchy. There are other bands I like more than these guys and who I think have a bit more talent but I always know I can turn to WAS for fun. Plus, even if musically their songs don’t hit me, the lyrics always do. Often I feel like if I don’t enjoy the song, I could always take the words and hold them near my heart because Keith is just that good. Plus, them playing live owns! Not just stage banter but just having fun with their songs. It’s a party!
      I think Barbara will be awesome mainly because it appears they went about differently. Keith went away to the south to write it, they recorded it all over, and they did it without a major label. Which is probably the biggest deal since it’s easier to be yourself when you don’t have to live up to the expectations of record execs. All in all, we must wait and see what happens. Spiel over.

    • I have this problem a bit. I thought brain thrust mastery was unbelievable and I’m wasn’t sure if this album could measure up. A lot of people didn’t like BTM though and thought it was a step in the wrong direction, the reviews weren’t as good as WLAS etc. I expected them to change things up a bit and go back to the hooks, which they did, but I thought I wouldn’t like it much. I do. I’ve heard the whole album, I assure you, though all of the singles sound like singles the whole album doesn’t. It’s got moodier moments ( in a good way ) and some mor BTM moments. It’s awesome, in my opinion anyway.

  2. Yaaaaaaayyyy they’re coming to Glasgow!!!! Last time I missed the in-store by a whisker, so I’m heading straight down there tomorrow to find out about tickets. Now all I need is a babysitter…

  3. Forget that last comment, I was in HMV today and asked and they said, while they didn’t have the final details yet, it would more than likely be a wristband job.


  4. Yep I went in on Thurs and asked and the guy didn’t know anything about it, but said the usual deal was buy the album on the day and get a wristband for the event, capacity about 300.

  5. I’d reccomend turning up very early to get a wristband, tbh. In the past, I’ve tried to get wristbands for events at HMV and failed.

    The Mighty Boosh did a signing with wristbands being handed out from 9am – I turned up at 5am and failed to get a wristband.

    When Biffy Clyro played a few weeks ago, queues were so big, they handed out all wristbands to people queuing before the store even closed the night before!! So when I turned up at 4:30am the next morning (learning from the Boosh signing before), I was simply met by a security guard telling people not to queue as all wristbands were already gone!!

    I think 5am should be early enough for We Are Scientists?

  6. OMG! Well given that I’ll likely have my 10 month old daughter in tow I doubt I’ll be able to queue the night before or at 5am! Ah my dream of seeing WAS do an acoustic show is slipping away 😦

  7. In response to this, the HMV website still hasn’t been updated that this is a wristband show. If it isn’t, 2pm should be more than early enough to get in 😀

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