Bowery Ballroom roundup

Time Out: Live photos We Are Scientists at Bowery Ballroom

House List: The Return of We Are Scientists

We All Want Someone to Shout For: We Are Scientists @ Bowery Ballroom (7/14/2010)

Huffington Post: We Are Scientists Play First Show Back at the Bowery Ballroom


Sentimentalist Magazine: We Are Scientists and Rewards at Bowery Ballroom, 07.14.10

The Whiskey Dregs: Photos We Are Scientists – Live @ Bowery Ballroom 7/14/10

THE BAEBLE BLOG: show recap: we are scientists


2 thoughts on “Bowery Ballroom roundup

  1. It was amazing. So so so so good. Everything sounded awesome live and I bounced the entire show, causing me to sweat buckets and leaving every muscle aching today. The true sign of a good night.

    Feel to free to stick up some of my Facebook photos if you want.

    I also think the setlist was the same as Cambridge. It looks to the closest to what we got anyway. Alas I didn’t get a setlist but I did get one of Danny’s broken drumsticks.

  2. glad to see you had such a great time, Susie. 2 years and 2 months is a loooong time. seeing them live again makes you realize even more how much you missed them.

    I have to say, I’m very happy they kept Dinosaurs on their setlist. it’s a brilliant song. and it works fantastically on stage. I just wish they also played Tonight again.

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