We Are Scientists add a show in Brighton in August

Before  their set at Leeds Festival, it looks like We Are Scientists will be heading to Brighton.


14 thoughts on “We Are Scientists add a show in Brighton in August

  1. Oh btw they are playing Leeds fest on the 28th and Reading on the 29th. 🙂 The Brighton date must be a little warm-up before.

  2. Ahhhhhhhhh……just got back from my hols, Brighton tickets sold out. Jo’s in NZ, and i said i’d try and get Brighton tickets, she’s going to kill me arrrggggghhhhhhh!!!!!!!!

    • Hi, Tracey, just saw your comment about Brighton. My friend and I accidentally doubled up on tickets. We have 4 spare, so if you still need any let me know, they were £6 each (incuding booking fee), although you will need to meet me in Brighton before the gig as it’s box office collection only. Let me know, Sarah.

  3. Hi Tracey, you can have two tickets, I wouldn’t force 4 on you and it’s better than them going to waste! Let’s just arrange a time to meet at the venue on the 27th and I can get the tickets for you from the Box Office. I’ll be in Brighton all afternoon (I’ve ordered a sunny day on the beach!) so can just meet you whenever suits.

      • Good idea have a look for me on Facebook – in my picture I’ve got long dark hair and a grey cardigan on – hope this helps!

      • sarah, i know this sounds strange but i wondered if you still had any spare tickets for this gig, i am desperate to go you see and was on holiday when they came out, i will give you good money for these tickets, sorry to barge in on this conversation, many thanks, Elliot.

  4. need tickets!!! argh rounders has sold out, maybe as audio is near me i can sneak in the night before and crash in the toilet :/
    any one know if there are tickets spare anywhere, or if anyone cant make it…name ya price ppl 🙂


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