We Are Scientists in Australia this week

FasterLouder.com.au: Music Feature: We Are Scientists

There’s also a couple of pictures that FasterLouder.com.au took of Keith and Chris from their photo studio backstage at Splendour in the Grass:

The guys were also on Triple J’s The Doctor today. You can listen and download their interview at Triple J’s site.

We Are Scientists played their first show with Ash in Sydney yesterday at the Metro.

There’s some photos of the show on Flickr from user mab397. And  this person also took a video clip of Ash & WAS covering Weezer’s “Only in Dreams”

Another video of that cover is on Youtube (from user andc1986) but from a different perspective:

ETA: 8/12

We Are Scientists Down Under Presented by StereoDan

And a longer HQ version of the Only In Dreams cover in Melbourne from Youtube user slumslum86:

Photos from Melbourne from FasterLouder.com.au


7 thoughts on “We Are Scientists in Australia this week

  1. first of all, such adorable photos. I love how Danny is on the photo. so cute. King Keith. lol. I bet he likes that.
    also, I loved their Weezer cover. lovely. I appreciate Ash. They’re around like forever. I remember when I bought a magazine with a mix-tape (!) in London in 1996(!) and they were on it. I loved them since. cool to see them playing again. and them and WAS playing together. very niiiice.
    but I was totally confused. I thought there this guy had the same haircut like russel lissack but that can’t be, right? then I checked and it IS Russell Lissack. haha, so funny. I can never think of him without the famous interview with Keith where he’s (fondly) making fun of him. so funny that. I wonder what Russell thinks of that. oh Rrrussslll. lol
    anyway, nice suprise that weezer cover. I would wanna see that too. I just wish the audience would be half as active as all those ppl on that stage. lol
    did anyone care to read my rumblings? 😆 sorry.

  2. Thanks for sharing my pics and the clip. Sorry I didn’t take more but I couldn’t film with that much excitement in me. Looking forward to replaying the MoshCam footage until I wear it out. Can’t begin to explain how great it was to hear two of my fave bands play one of my favourite songs from my favourite band right in front of me. I’m going to stop acting like a teenage groupie in 3 … 2 … 1 …

  3. When keith said he went through my cd collection and where going to play a song from it I never expected this :3

    Also this is the closest I will ever get to seeing weezer live.

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