Los Angeles roundup

And a week later…here’s what happened at the sold-out show last Friday at the Troubadour:

Downtown Lobby: Photos & Interview – We Are Scientists
I was asked by a Los Angeles music blog, Downtown Lobby, to interview Chris and Keith and here’s what I exclusively found out: Chris and Keith = self-centered jerks. Just kidding, of course! Check out the interview there as well as some of my pictures from the show.

I’ve uploaded the rest of my photos from the show including ones of the opening acts: the very entertaining JP Incorporated and super dreamy Rewards (Aaron Pfenning) on Flickr. And as you’ll notice above, we got a special guest on stage- Max Hart! He played on “Jack and Ginger” and “After Hours.”

Grimy Goods: We Are Scientists and Rewards at The Troubadour – Photo Gallery

Rockscope: We Are Scientists @ Troubadour

MXDWN.com: We Are Scientists Attract a Sold Out Crowd at The Troubadour

Videos under the cut…


Mindy and Michelle’s videos:

Nice Guys

Rewards and WAS – Two Cardinals

This Scene is Dead and Inaction

Jack & Ginger


Cash Cow

This Scene is Dead (from concertaddict)

Eszter Zimanyi videos:

Rewards and WAS – Two Cardinals

Nice Guys

This Scene is Dead and Inaction


Nobody Move

Rules Don’t Stop


The Great Escape

After Hours

And here’s the video I took of Jack and Ginger, sound is kinda crappy but you’ll see Max here!


4 thoughts on “Los Angeles roundup

  1. You did an awesome interview Renee! I liked all the questions you asked. They, of course, weren’t the usual so I always find that to be perfect! I especially liked the one about them performing pre-Wolf’s Hours songs. They must be hounded about it until they start playing some of those tunes! YES!

  2. ahhh I remember Chris telling me that Max played with them in LA and I was so sad I could not get to hear Jack & Ginger with the cool synth parts. You lucky duck.

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