San Francisco and Visalia roundup

Updated on 8/17 We Are Scientists and Rewards at Slims: August 7th, 2010
Read Amber’s glowing review of the show and browse through her the fantastic photos at the photo gallery here.

East Bay Express: Photos: We Are Scientists + Rewards

Spinning Platter: Show Review: We Are Scientists with Rewards (Aaron Pfenning) at Slim’s 8/7/10

Flickr user star5112 has lots of great photos of this show. Check ’em out.

I managed to take a few decent photos of this show too, here’s two but the rest are on Flickr:

And then the last of the three shows in California was in Visalia. (If you’re asking where the heck Visalia is- I don’t blame you, I had no idea where it was either, and I still can’t believe I went there). Here’s a handful of photos from that show, but take a look at the whole set on Flickr:

Videos are under this cut…

Videos from San Francisco

Abby’s videos:

Rewards and WAS – Two Cardinals

After Hours


This Scene is Dead and Inaction

My videos:

It’s a Hit


Jack and Ginger


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