We Are Scientists featured in the Daily UW, UR Chicago, AUX TV, STL Today, Spinner and Buzzlegoose

A few interviews from the past few weeks that I haven’t gotten around to posting until now….enjoy!

The Daily for the University of Washington: Interview: We Are Scientists

UR Chicago: We Are Scientists

AUX TV: We Are Scientists claim they “began the cat trend in indie rock”

STL Today: Q&A: We Are Scientists headline Old Rock House Friday

Seattle Music Blog: We Are Scientists Interview

Spinner: We Are Scientists Insult Jay Leno in Ohio

And if there’s any part of this post you have to read, it has to be this interview with Chris because this part was particularly interesting:
Buzzlegoose.com: Interview: Chris Cain of We Are Scientists

I do have one story that is We Are Scientists-related that I would like to get out there.

The guy who drummed for us on the last album, Adam Aaronson, he’s currently with the band My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult. He was touring with them for the last month. When he stopped in Salt Lake City last Friday, and he got on the bus after the show, there was a crazy fan that had gotten on the bus. When Adam got on, the fan started tussling with security. He wanted to see the singer but got pissed when he couldn’t. The dude pulled out a gun. Adam, who has been boxing for fitness, punched the guy in the face, and the guy dropped the gun. He ran into the venue and got security. And the guy went to jail. Adam shattered his hand on the guy’s face. His hand is in a huge fuckin cast. He’s a hero.

(Seriously, guys- Adam Aaronson = hero. I got to hear the story from Adam at the LA show and saw the huge cast on his hand 😦 Hoping that hand heals soon, Adam!)


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