What’s the Word’s Exclusive Interview with We Are Scientists in Kansas City (Part One)

Prior to their show in Kansas City last week, Mahsa spent some quality time with Chris, Danny and Keith for a What’s the Word exclusive interview:

We Are Scientists Kill Time In Kansas City

by Mahsa Borhani

Mahsa: What were some of the highlights from your American Tour before you guys decided to play beer pong at Chris’s parents’ house?
Keith: I feel like the tour didn’t really take off until the beer pong.
Chris: It’s an intelligent way of dividing the tour, pre-Bonus Jonas. Yeah.
M: I mean, I was telling Ethan last night–you put anybody in the right environment with the right, maybe right kind of beer, they’ll play beer pong, but he says “No.”
C: No that’s not true, that’s not true.
K: Absolutely not true–that’s our first beer pong game ever, although I guess we just proved that eventually everyone will play beer pong.
M: [laughs]
C: In the right environment. With the right beer.
K: Right. You’re right.
C: Yeah.
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