What’s the Word’s Exclusive Interview with We Are Scientists in Kansas City (Part Two)

Prior to their show in Kansas City last week, Mahsa spent some quality time with Chris, Danny and Keith for a What’s the Word exclusive interview. Here’s the second part of her efforts:

We Are Scientists Kill Time In Kansas City

by Mahsa Borhani

M: I don’t really know if this is the best, but,
K: [laughs]
M: [laughs] No! It’s the best question.
C: It is the best.
K: This might turn out to be the best.
C: This could be the best.
D: She just meant best or second-best.
C: Right, right.
M: Exactly. No, actually I didn’t really want to bring it up because I know that in [previous] interviews it’s [been a sensitive] topic, but I’m not going to bring up any of those aspects. You switched drummers since, basically since Brain Thrust Mastery. I know that Michael recorded on that but he didn’t play live with you guys. So I noticed there’s a lot more crash cymbals than hi-hat on the–and I think that’s not because you switched drummers but because of an artistic change, like, “I’m going to do a little less dance-rock and more of like my guilty pleasures,” type of thing. But, I don’t know, can you comment,
K: There used to not exist a crash cymbal in the We Are Scientists drum set-up. Continue reading to hear about Andy’s role in the band, Danny’s cherished hobby, and why they won’t play Lethal Enforcer


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