We Are Scientists featured in This is Fake DIY, Phoenix FM and FM5

This is Fake DIY: We Are Scientists: ‘Miley Cyrus Seems Savvier Than Justin Bieber’

Phoenix FM: We Are Scientists at Reading 2010

FM5: We Are Scientists im interview


6 thoughts on “We Are Scientists featured in This is Fake DIY, Phoenix FM and FM5

  1. Yay – 2 decent interviews! And some bizarre stuff about skeletons. But still good!
    I like that despite devouring any info I can on WAS there are still interviews where something new is revealed, or Keith or Chris expand more on a topic.
    I’m just waiting for everyone to start calling Keith “Kip” and rushing out to buy that book…he is our leader, we shall follow 😉
    And the skeleton thing was mostly funny because they were laughing so much.

    • Hmmm…I’ve always been told that the golden rule for nicknames is that nicknames are given by others and they can’t be asked for. 😛

      And Infinite Jest is a difficult book to tackle. I tried reading it last summer, couldn’t finish it at all. It’s on my list of “things I will eventually accomplish one of these days.”

      • Yes, I don’t think it’s the done thing to pick your own nickname. But then if certain people got to choose we’d be referring to him as Kansas-Ass! I prefer Kip.
        Now I feel challenged to read that book to see if I can manage it. I was planning to going book shopping on Sunday anyway…

        • I read that book Ruth! It took me about a year on and off. I was unfaithful to it a couple of times… 😉

          Well worth it in the end though.

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