We Are Scientists at S*ALT Session and WJHU acoustic performances, reviews from Baltimore and Orlando

S*ALT Session: We Are Scientists

We Are Scientists – Nice Guys (Live Acoustic @ WJHU)

We Are Scientists – Rules Don’t Stop (Live Acoustic @ WJHU)

The Johns Hopkins News-Letter: Last Week Live – We Are Scientists at Metro Gallery

Central Florida Future.com: We Are Scientists thrive at music, not comedy

There’s some really good videos of their show in Atlanta here on YouTube from user chloechadizzle.


We Are Scientists in The Deli Magazine and a Dylan Wise podcast

We Are Scientists have their guide to “Rock Stardom” in this month’s issue of The Deli (NYC). Go to the Deli’s website and choose the red one on the right, and find their spread starting on page 15.

Some guy named Dylan Wise interviewed Chris for his blog. You can listen and download the podcast there.