We Are Scientists at London Calling 2010

We Are Scientists were at London Calling 2010 at the Paradiso in Amsterdam:

UPDATED 11/17: pictures from Laura were added!

You can watch ALL of their set here at 3voor12.*** (click on the rest of this post to see what these asterisks are for)

3voor12: We Are Scientists heeft nog bruisende feestcocktail in huis

Video of the crowdsurfing on stage

3voor12: We Are Scientists wil een eigen sitcom

AND Laura took some great photos of the show too!

*** I’ve ripped ALL of that video footage from the 3voor12 website. I’ve uploaded it here, and it’s all 12 songs split up. 2 of them are split up in .rar files so make sure you have some program that opens up .rar files.

Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt

The Great Escape

After Hours


4 thoughts on “We Are Scientists at London Calling 2010

  1. the show in paris was so good.
    Tomorrow, my friend and me leave Paris for UK, for 5 dates: Portsmouth, Birmingham, Bristol, Manchester and London!

  2. I wish concerts were like that in America. So freakin badass. Was that just me hearing things or did someone pick up the Tele and start playing it while Keef left and went into the crowd?

  3. YES! Just watched those videos and spotted myself! Nice. That show was bloody amazing, seriously. A total blast. I couldn’t believe the amount of crowdsurfers and then the invasion at the end. It looked rowdy, but everyone was so friendly 🙂

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