The Fifth Annual What’s the Word Holiday Giveaway

It’s happening again…the What’s the Word Holiday Giveaway!!! It’s a prize so good you’re gonna have to click below to find out what it is…


No CDs, vinyl or other We Are Scientists-branded merchandise this year. I wanted something really special to give away, a one-of-a-kind gift that you won’t be able to get ANYWHERE. In order to do this, I enlisted the help of my extraordinarily talented friend and a We Are Scientists fan all of you should know, Adrian Stone, for this task and this was the result:

These are custom-made holiday-themed We Are Scientists dolls made by Adrian and autographed by Chris, Keith and Danny. The guys were so impressed with these dolls, they wanted to keep these for themselves and almost didn’t give them back to me (I’m looking at you, Keith Murray). But you have a chance to win all three! That’s right, all three dolls will be yours. No first, second, third prize here. Just the three dolls for yourself.

If you would like to be chosen for this Holiday Giveaway, this is what you need to do:
– email me at (Use this email address only. If you send it to my other gmail address, your entry will be invalid.)
– use the subject “HOLIDAY GIVEAWAY 2010
– provide your full name
– provide your mailing address (don’t worry, I’m not going to give it away to anyone else but if you’re freaked out by doing this, I’ll understand)
– describe why you think you should win these dolls
– (optional) include a picture of where you’re going to keep these dolls once you get them (I’d like to know they’re going to a good home)

You will only be allowed one entry per mailing address (meaning that if you enter names for your brother, sister, mom, dad, cousin, etc. to increase your chances, it’s not gonna help and you should stop being a cheater).

There are absolutely NO country restrictions for this contest. As long as you have a valid mailing address, you’ll have a chance to win.

Do not send duplicate entries. It will not increase your chances in winning.

If you have won in any previous years of my Holiday Giveaway contests, your entry will be invalid (stop being greedy).

If you already own a doll made by Adrian, you are not allowed to enter this contest.

Contest entry deadline: December 10, 12 AM PST Only one winner will be chosen.

Good luck and enjoy your holiday season!


CONGRATULATIONS TO MALIA! Malia has promised a good home for the dolls in France. Thanks, again, to every person who took the time to email me and send pictures. Happy holidays!

(Many thanks to Adrian, Chris, Keith and Danny for your help with this!)


28 thoughts on “The Fifth Annual What’s the Word Holiday Giveaway

  1. OMG, Adrian. you surpassed yourself. those dolls are über-adorable. brilliant. I can imagine the guys didn’t want to give them back. wonderful.

  2. haha, I just read that.
    “If you already own a doll made by Adrian, you are not allowed to enter this contest.”

    I wouldn’t have entered, btw.

    • I know 🙂 I just had to add that extra rule in there in case anyone else who has an Adrian-made doll is trying to be sneaky.

      Trust me, I have to include myself in that bunch too because I really wanna keep these dolls, and Adrian wanted to too! 😆

      • 😆
        no wonder everyone wants to keep those. I love that denim jacked on keithdoll. it’s so cute. I also hope they’ll go to a good home. :o)

  3. OMG……I really wanna win this,just need a good enough answer as to my I want them….Will have a good think and enter asap.Adrian these dolls are wicked!!!!

  4. “them”?
    just being curious. does the winner get all 3 or are there 3 winners who get one each?

    good luck, Joanne. you deserve one/them!

  5. Yep I was just going to ask that – 1 prize of all 3, or 3 prizes of 1 each?
    Now that I have met some of you previously only internet-based WAS fans I feel bad about competing against you 😦 But I will of course cos these dolls are ace! Hooray for Adrian!

  6. I love the loophole “if you already own a doll made by Adrian, you are not allowed to enter this contest.” Because a.) it rules out a lot of us, haha, and b.) it spreads the WASdoll love.

    I’m excited to see who wins. I might find tiny Christmas hats for my dolls just so they can be festive in their gold lame jumpsuits. 😀

  7. I would love these dolls, because it would give me the chance to give my dad something he would really enjoy, seeing as we both really love We Are Scientists, and he gave me one of your albums last year, so this year, I was thinking these.

  8. OK ive done it,ive finally entered the comp.Just need to sit tight and wait for the winner to be announced,this is easier said than done,have sweaty palm and butterflies in my tummy……HELP!!!lol

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