San Diego IndieFest roundup

After watching a unique selection of local and not-so-local indie acts for San Diego’s IndieFest on Saturday, We Are Scientists closed out the night with an incredible performance that made that long “butt-clenching”* wait throughout the day completely worth it.

I made the trip down south with some of my friends and took some pictures that you can see below. The rest of the set is on Flickr.:

Short clip of “Dinosaurs” that I filmed.

The Owl Mag: Live Review: San Diego IndieFest 7

A full video of Dinosaurs:

The Great Escape:

* = This term is only in reference to what that very energetic emcee kept repeating throughout the day for every, single act. It was kinda gross and awkward to hear amongst other choice words this emcee said.


7 thoughts on “San Diego IndieFest roundup



    Omg Renee, Danny is so flipping cute. <3__________<3 I didn't talk to him. My life is over. Goodbye, thanks for the memories.


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