We Are Scientists at the Dot to Dot Festival

Gigwise: Sunday 29/05/11 Dot To Dot Festival @ Various Venues, Nottingham

Manchester News:

This is Bristol: Dot to Dot Festival 2011 Review

Their performance at the festival on Saturday night was a different barrel of geeky indie anthems altogether.

You can put that down to a packed out and hugely enthusiastic audience that was ready to party.

With an hour on stage the band essentially played a greatest hits set, knocking out all of their student disco favourites.

Virtual Festivals: First Review: Dot to Dot 2011, Nottingham

They plough their way through everything the crowd wants to hear and it sounds so good that they play along when the band then delve into new song territory. After a day fairly lacking in sing along gusto it quickly becomes clear that We Are Scientists have been caught red-handed for taking more of their fair share.

Photos on Facebook from Jules Annan and Sucking Lemons

And I found this great video of Keith stage diving in Nottingham (great job there, Dominique!):

More updates to this post as of June 1:

Clash Magazine: Dot to Dot 2011: We Are Scientists

Hive Magazine: We Are Scientists Interview – Keith Murray, Chris Cain and Andy Burrows with Caitlin Maxwell


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