We Are Scientists and Ash Record a Track for Charity

American stars WE ARE SCIENTISTS have joined forces with Northern Irish rockers ASH to record a song for charity.

The two bands are teaming up for a cover of songwriter Robert Manning’s track Washington Parks to raise money for the Multiple Sclerosis Society.

We Are Scientists bassist Chris Cain tells The Examiner, “The concept of the song is that if you listen to it on headphones or stereo, the musicians of Ash are on the left channel and all the We Are Scientists guys are playing it in the right channel. We’re playing the same song essentially but in different ways.” Manning, who suffers from the debilitating disease, is selling the collaboration via his official website.

Singer Ed Harcourt and Emmy the Great have also recorded tracks for the project.

From PR-inside.com

You can buy the track at the Happy Monster bandcamp page HERE.

The track will be available via iTunes, Amazon and etc. soon but you can go to Robert Manning’s site HERE for more information about the track.

You can also donate to Robert Manning’s Multiple Sclerosis charity at his fundraising site HERE. He’s so close to reaching that fundraising goal, please help if you can!


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