Adrian Interviews We Are Scientists (part two)

And now…part two of Adrian’s interview with Chris and Andy and more of Polly’s photos. Many thanks, again, to Adrian Stone, Polly Thomas and Amber Gregory for allowing me to post all of this on my site!

Adrian: Would you rather be a pigeon or a squirrel?
Chris: Pigeon or a squirrel? I’d rather be a squirrel.
Andy: Yeah, a squirrel, no contest.
Adrian: Yeah. Would you rather be a bird or a squirrel? ‘Cause a pigeon’s so…
Chris: Yeah. I mean, if you’re talking about, an eagle or something, that’s different than a pigeon.
Adrian: You have to be a lower class bird, though. You can’t be-
Chris: What about a duck?
Adrian: Yeah, you can be a duck.
Chris: I wouldn’t mind being a duck, maybe. Ducks are pretty cool.
Adrian: You’d rather be a duck instead of a squirrel?
Chris: Yeah, or even like, a little- like a wren or a sparrow or something. Those cool little birds.
Polly: I had a squirrel hop on my arm in St. James Park yesterday! They’re cute!
Chris: I think they are basically rodents, right?
Polly: Well, they have little cute faces.
Chris: Yeah, they’re way cuter than rats, for example.

Adrian: What is your favorite kind of cake?
Andy: Favorite kind of cake?
Adrian: Yes, favorite kind of cake.
Chris: Why don’t you take this one?
Andy: We have a bakery near my- where I live, in Primrose Hill, called the Primrose Hill Bakery- you see what they did there?
Adrian: Yeah.
Andy: It took me a while to work out where I live. And they have like, just a regular chocolate cupcake, and I think it’s the best fucking cake I’ve ever had in my whole- I don’t even know what it’s called, just like, y’know, a proper homemade cupcake with icing- it’s fucking amazing. So whatever that is. I guess a chocolate cake.
Chris: I’m gonna give a fairly controversial answer and say cherry pie is my favorite kind of cake.
Andy: Oooh.
Chris: Yeah. Not really cake-
Adrian: It’s okay, it still counts.
Chris: But when other people might be ordering a slice of cake-
Adrian: You would order cherry pie?
Chris: I would order a slice of pie.

Adrian: Do you ever- Chris, do you ever- when you shave your moustache or something, or you grow it, or you have a beard- do you ever notice how much the fans really care? Like, there are pages and pages of arguments about your moustache and Keith’s fringe…
Chris: Really? Yeah, well-
Adrian: Yes, we’re very peculiar about it.
Chris: I think I’ve seen some comments, I wasn’t aware that it was kind of ongoing. I remember back in the early days…
Adrian: Yes, it’s very important now.
Chris: What- is there some kind of consensus about- like is there a consensus opinion? Or-
Adrian: No, it’s pretty divided. I think it’s more…people are more, like, willing- more violent- well, not really violent ’cause it’s just…talking-
Chris: So far.
Adrian: Um, aggressive, about Keith’s fringe.
Chris: What are their feelings on it? Like, when it gets too short, do they get upset?
Adrian: Yes, yeah. They get pretty upset when it gets too short, yeah.
Chris: I love it. I love it.

Adrian: I mean, I keep saying “they” like I’m not part of it or something, but yeah. I take part in these- I’m just as weird.
Chris: I really want Keith, for the next record, to have a different hairstyle.
Adrian: They would freak out.
Chris: Just let it be known. Let it be known that Chris is trying to make that happen.
Adrian: Oh my god, they would freak out. You know what would be really horrible? If like, he dyed his hair-
Chris: Oh no, no.
Adrian: …or got rid of the grey. They would freak out!
Chris: He would never do that.
Adrian: No, but if you wanna freak them out. I know he wouldn’t, but if you wanted to freak them out. You could just photoshop a different color hair on him.
Chris: “Check out Keith’s new look!”
Adrian: “Yeah, check it out!” And there would be teenage girls crying in the street, and…
Chris: Oh, man.
Adrian: It’d be horrible.
Chris: Sounds like heaven.
Adrian: Sounds like heaven?
Chris: Yeah.
Adrian: Shows how much you care about your fans, Chris.
Chris: I care about- that they have a rich experience, and that includes, y’know, the depths of sadness.

[Andy leaves to get some drinks.]

Adrian: I’ll ask you this now, since Andy won’t know anything about this. You used to have a song called The Ballad of Torgo, didn’t you?
Chris: Umm…
Adrian: Maybe?
Chris: Yeah… Well, I’m trying to remember if that was- if that is the accurate title. Yeah, I think it was called The Ballad of Torgo, yeah.
Adrian: Was that about- have you ever seen Manos: the Hands of Fate?
Chris: Yes-
Adrian: Is that what it’s-
Chris: That is what it’s about, yeah, yeah.
Adrian: Yes! [Chris and I high-five] I love that movie so much!
Chris: Yeah, it’s amazing.
Adrian: That is the best movie of all time.
Chris: How could it not be? In the song, it says “Torgo, lay your hands of fate on me, on me, on me”.
Adrian: Oh my god!
Chris: That’s a lyric.

Adrian: [to Chris] I know how you feel about parody music, like Weird Al. I don’t know if [Andy] feels the same way. I know you really don’t like it-
Chris: What?
Adrian: You don’t like parody music? Like Weird Al?
Chris: Y’know, it’s not that I don’t like listening to Weird Al, or Lonely Island, or whatever-
Adrian: I was gonna ask you about The Lonely Island. That’s what I was-
Chris: It’s not that I don’t like it, uh, I just don’t- I think Keith and I have always said we have no interest in making it, really. But we probably phrased it in a humorously hateful way.
Adrian: It always seemed pretty hateful.
Chris: I think we’re fine with that stuff as a listener, but it really- people always ask us why we don’t do, um, if we’ve thought about doing humor songs, y’know. And our stock answer is really that we feel like that genre fails to achieve what straight music does.
Adrian: Right. I wasn’t gonna ask you to do humor music, ’cause that’s always one of the questions that I feel is asked every interview…
Chris: Yeah. I was just catching Andy up, and getting him ready for your question now.
Adrian: Oh, okay. Sorry, yeah.
Polly: Your really old music, does that not count as humor?
Chris: Yeah, that’s why we got the hell outta that game. Our really old stuff was humor music.
Andy: I think We Are Scientists is quite unique in its- where it sits, because like, for a while, I used to have a problem with the fact that they- I did used to say this to you guys- no, I didn’t have a problem with it, but I used to be like, ‘do you mind that you do like, comedy, but then the records are fucking awesome and serious?’ And both of you were just like, and this is years ago, and they were both like, ‘no, nope, couldn’t give a shit. Makes total sense to us’. And I get it now, like I totally get it, I think that the two things work. It’s awesome, like we can play a fucking serious song, and then these two just go make everybody laugh, and then we play another serious song. I really- there’s not- I don’t really think there’s anybody else that I’ve ever gone and seen, or- y’know what I mean?
Adrian: Yeah.
Andy: That does that quite so successfully, and believably. I think that’s really cool. I like it now. I used to be like, ‘why do you do that?’ Not about the banter, just about the kind of general- but I think it’s fucking…
Chris: Y’know what’s funny about that humor during the show thing, is that Keith and I used to, like when we were in college- we were in uni together…
Adrian: I’m not British, you can say “college”.
Chris: I know. Sorry, I shoulda said “uni” to him and “college” to you. Um, we were really into singer/songwriter-y stuff…and in that genre, I think it’s actually really normal and common and expected for the singer/songwriter to kind of do, like a really pretty, beautiful, awesome song-
Adrian: By “singer/songwriter” do you mean, like, M. Ward?
Chris: Uh, I’ve never seen an M. Ward show, but if M. Ward does stuff with just an acoustic guitar, then that’s what I mean. Like, um, Glen Phillips from Toad the Wet Sprocket had a solo career after as Glen Phillips, and he would play in Santa Barbara all the time and we would go up and watch him ’cause we both loved Toad the Wet Sprocket. There was this guy, Matt Nathanson, who graduated from our cluster of colleges and, although now- he’s fairly successful now, in the states, as kind of a rock band format, but he used to just play acoustic- he’d play an acoustic 12-string and sing. That kind of stuff, I guess. Even, y’know, even to like, Ani DiFranco, or Liz Phair, solo versions. But, in that genre, you play a song, and then you chat. Then you talk about- you tell a story about the next song.
Adrian: They’re probably just lonely on-stage and need someone to talk to.
Chris: I mean, it probably does- you can’t just stand there if it’s just you on-stage. That’s what- I mean, bands don’t look any cooler, really, just standing there, like, tuning, y’know. But rock bands don’t do that, and I bet that’s kind of where Keith and I came upon that, is just- ’cause that genre of music, it’s just completely expected. And, in fact, the best singer/songwriters are definitely really good at kind of chatting and telling stories between songs. The one thing that they do, that we never do, is they recycle their material, which is fair if you’re telling a story about a song, if you’re like, ‘well, here’s how I made this song,’ you don’t expect the story to change every time, but they- you do notice, like, they’ll do the same jokes and stuff…I like that we don’t do that, even though the show would probably be funnier ’cause we would just choose the best material.
Adrian: I don’t know if it would really be funnier, ’cause I- well, personally, I-
Chris: It would seem lame.
Adrian: Yeah. Personally, I prefer improv.
Chris: Yeah. Well, you’d be able to- I think you’d be able to tell if we were actually doing lines or whatever. That’d be ridiculous.
Adrian: It would be funny if you did it ironically.
Chris: That’s true. It would be.
Adrian: But it would get unfunny fast.
Chris: Yeah, I agree.

Adrian: Are you still- I know you probably get asked this a lot, but are you still thinking of doing a TV show? Are you still gonna try, maybe, to do that?
Chris: Yeah, yeah, we’re- we definitely remain interested in TV. We’ve been waiting for ages on this MTV show called Handheld, that I had- if you had asked me two weeks ago, I would’ve said has pretty much petered out, but I’m hearing recently that it may happen. So, we might shoot something for MTV this fall, that I think would air this fall. But it’s not our show, really. We- we’re kind of like, on-screen dudes. Although, it involves us…it involves going to different cities, all over- like Rio de Janeiro and Moscow and like, cool cities, and making a short film. There’s four teams, and we’d be one of the teams that makes a film every week, and then they show the short films on the TV show, and like, viewer’s vote or something, I don’t know. So it’s like eight different cities, eight weeks.
Adrian: That sounds interesting.
Chris: Yeah. We get to make our film, but it’s not our show.
Adrian: Well, if there’s a voting- ’cause we got you that thing. So I’m sure we can get you to the top.
Chris: I do think we would potentially have a lot of luck with the voting because I think the other people are just comedians. We’re the only band people.
Adrian: Yes, and you have crazy fans.
Chris: So we have a fanbase. Comedians don’t really have fanbases, in that way.
Adrian: And we’re- we’re, uh…I’ve had too much to drink now, I can’t-
Chris: You’re passionate, you’re passionate fans.
Adrian: We’re passionate enough to be able to figure out how to break into the-
Chris: How to cheat!
Adrian: How to cheat, yes!
Chris: Vote again and again and again, yes.
Adrian: That’s what we did for the thing.
Chris: Exactly. We’re gonna ask that you guys find out how to cheat the, um, British, uh-
Adrian: You don’t even have to ask. Yeah, we’re gonna-
Chris: Okay. So, when we put out Andy’s single this fall, we need to get that to number one.
Andy: Yes. Come on, come on.
Adrian: Oh yeah. It’s gonna happen.

Adrian: Do you guys have any music recommendations?
Chris: Yeah, sure. Tall Ships. Tall Ships are great. Let’s see…
Andy: New I Am Arrows single.
Chris: New I Am Arrows single, coming this fall. It’s gonna be- it should be pretty mega. Well, um…Dev Hynes’s Blood Orange record, I think is- came out a couple of weeks ago on Domino.
Andy: We collectively agree on Tall Ships.
Chris: Yeah, Tall Ships is great.
Adrian: I also agree on Tall Ships. They’re amazing.
Chris: What else? Is there anything else happening? Well, what’s going on with Ben’s music? Is he-
Andy: Masterswan.
Chris: Can you go to his MySpace page or something?
Andy: Yeah, yeah, yeah, Ben’s got like, a- Ben’s just done a whole EP and he’s got it up on his own…page. Face…
Chris: Facebook page?
Andy: Facepage.
Chris: Check out Ben Burrows’s…
Adrian: …Facepage?
Andy: No, I don’t know- what’s it called, FaceSpace…
Adrian: Facebook? MySpace?
Andy: Facespace, Face- Mybook. Mybooks.
Chris: Mybooks?
Andy: Go to Ben Burrows, forward slash, mybooks. No, no, no, go to facebook, dot, slash…you know what I mean. Search his name somewhere. Yeah, that’s right.
Adrian: Just put in Google, “Ben Burrows facebook”.
Andy: Yeah, yeah. Faceball. Ben Burrows, facesmash.
Adrian: Facesmash, yeah.
Andy: Yeah, sorry, yeah. Tall Ships is a good one from the band, I feel.
Chris: Yeah, yeah.
Andy: A current- I think all three of us are like-
Chris: We endorse Tall Ships. We all- we listen to all- something like, 25 submissions for support for this tour, and we chose Tall- and we listen to them, y’know, ourselves-
Andy: Especially you.
Chris: Well, I actually listened to all of them, and I whittled it down to like, five or six-
Andy: Aw, yeah, you really did.
Chris: Sent them to you guys. Tall Ships was the band’s choice.
Andy: And I asked Keith if he would listen to five, and then I asked a friend of mine to listen to the remaining three, and then I listened to one and went, “YEAH!” Yeah, yeah. Big effort.
Chris: Yeah, Andy did the leg work.
Andy: Yeah, I like to discover things right from the up.
Adrian: Isn’t Rewards’s album coming out in the fall?
Chris: Well, yeah, the Rewards album, obviously, is mega. I have it. It’s fantastic. I play on it.
Adrian: Oh, you do?
Chris: I do.
Andy: Oh yeah, that’s cool. That’s awesome.
Chris: Yeah. It’s a good record, it’s a good record. Spooky. Pretty. Sensuous, like Aaron himself.
Adrian: Oh yeah, I can imagine. So, you play on his album?
Chris: Just on one song.
Adrian: Is Keith on it, too? [Chris shakes his head.] No? Keith’s not good enough.
Chris: He tried out for it.
Andy: They both sing backing vocals on a song off my album from last year, which is gonna be on a film- Justin Timberlake/Woody Harrelson movie that’s coming out in August. And all three of us are on that.
Adrian: …A Justin Timberlake movie?
Andy: Well, it’s fuck- Woody Harrelson! He’s the fucking dude!
Adrian: Okay.
Chris: Woody Harrelson’s great, yeah, he’s awesome.
Andy: It’s quite a pretty big film, y’know, I’m quite chuffed about.
Adrian: Yeah, yeah! Yes. Nice.
Andy: My fucking little album!
Chris: Wait- is it the Mila Kunis movie?
Andy: It may be-
Adrian: Is it that one that’s basically just a rip-off of the Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher one?
Andy: It’s, uh…Friends with Benefits.
Chris: Yup.
Adrian: Yeah. Okay.
Andy: Oh yeah, fuck, I don’t give a shit what the-
Chris: I think it’s gonna build on that, and be kind of an improvement on it. That’s my assumption.

Adrian: Are you working on any other stuff? I mean- do you do things for other bands, like with Rewards? Are you on anyone else’s album?
Chris: I haven’t. I haven’t done anything of note, but he’s on some other stuff of interest coming up.
Andy: I’m quite excited about Rufus Wainwright; I might end up on some of his album.
Adrian: Who? Rufus- oh, Rufus…Wuuu-ainright…
Andy: Yeah, you’ve heard of Rufus WAIN-right, right?
Adrian: Yeah, I just can’t say-
Andy: You just can’t bring yourself to say it. Ha ha!
Adrian: I have problems with my “R”‘s and my “W”‘s.
Andy: I think you have problems with saying Rufus [sputtering] Wain [coughs] wright, yeah.
Adrian: I was in speech therapy when I was a kid!
Andy: No, no, no-
Chris: Oh, you’re such an asshole!
Andy: I was more- I was more- if anything, I was suggesting that you might not like Rufus Wainwright, that’s what I meant. I wasn’t taking the piss out of anyone’s speech! Oh, no…
Chris: You didn’t think you were! You didn’t think you were.
Andy: That’s it, that’s a Ricky Gervais Extras moment- I don’t know if anybody’s- but yeah.
Adrian: Oh, I’m so offended.
Andy: Yeah, so hope- I’m hoping to end up on a couple of tracks on his album- on his new album. We like to multitask, us lot.
Chris: Multiple tasks.
Andy: But our main thing is getting back into the studio and doing this fucking record.

Polly: I have a question- why have you chosen “Time of my Life” as your entrance music?
Andy: ‘Cause it means everything to us.
Polly: Is there a back-story to it?
Chris: I don’t think there really is.
Andy: We just thought it’d be really fun. It makes us feel good before we go on.
Chris: Yeah- I think we, uh- we do a lot of a cappella singing when we’re- I would call it non-formal a cappella performance- when we’re walking around the streets together, or when we’re in the dressing room, singing a lot of old- a lot of songs, new and old. That song definitely originated from us just, I think, either you or Keith started singing it, and then we were probably like, “we should have that as our walk-on music”. But also, it’s really important to each of us on a very personal level. And if you could note that I teared up when-
Adrian: Yes, I will.
Chris: And that Andy-
Adrian: Yeah! You’re both-
Chris: And that Andy basically couldn’t talk.
Adrian: Yeah, you’re both- you’ve got a lot of tears right now, I can see that.

[Andy then starts talking about how badly he needs to “wee” and tells us just how long ago he broke the seal (25-30 years ago). He goes on for 64 seconds about his constant need to pee, so we end the interview for photos and a pee break. Before we end, Chris helps the fans out with a nickname for Andy’s and dubs him “Old Peepee Pants”.]


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