We Are Scientists at Universal CityWalk – December 21, 2013

December 21, 2013 - 1

It felt like a Christmas miracle that we got another (free) We Are Scientists show in Los Angeles!

Here’s the setlist (sorry it’s a bit difficult to read):


Rules Don’t Stop
Dumb Luck
Nobody Move
What You Do Best
Chick Lit
I Don’t Bite
Return The Favor
Make It Easy
Can’t Lose
Slow Down
Great Escape (they didn’t play this one)
After Hours

They played “Sprinkles” and “Make It Easy” for the first time here in LA and I can’t get over how good these tracks are. I was freaking out over the new songs they played earlier this year but geez these other new ones- hot damn, I’m so excited for the new album and tour! (Buy tickets to the 2014 tour, everybody!)

And here’s some photos from the show (the rest of ’em are here on Flickr):

Chris - 122113 - 01

Hot new drummer Keith - 122113

Keith - 122113 - 01

Chris - 122113 - 02

Keith - 122113 - 02
Here’s some videos:

Make It Easy:

Sprinkles: (I recorded this too, but Jenn’s video of this is way better than mine)

Dumb Luck:


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