QRO Magazine Interviews Keith Murray of We Are Scientists

QRO Magazine: Keith Murray of We Are Scientists

In the middle of the umpteenth snowstorm to hit the Big Apple in 2014, QRO sat down over lunch to talk with Keith Murray of We Are Scientists. In the conversation with the singer/guitarist (bassist Chris Cain couldn’t make it because he had to pick up his kid from school, which had just been cut short due to the snow), Murray talked about their upcoming album, TV en Français, making it in New York (without a label or management), their big upcoming tour (which goes from Australia to Europe – though not enough Français dates…), even further places that they’ve played, never reusing jokes, crowd-pleasing set lists, ‘mo songs, mo problems,’ Crap, Steve, their signature hair, and more…


4 thoughts on “QRO Magazine Interviews Keith Murray of We Are Scientists

    • I agree! They covered so much in that interview. Reading this also got me a little bit annoyed at Keith and how they pick their setlist for shows. I think when they’re on tour they tend to play the same setlist all the time (just in different song order sometimes) and it’s frustrating because I’d love to see them perform some other songs, you know? (Like Lethal Enforcer, of course)

  1. Haha, I guess you’re right. what I don’t understand is why the others, i.e. Chris, don’t care acc. to Keith. But I also think it’s the issue with the new drummers all the time. I guess, they don’t want to rehearse too much, though it would be a bit of variety for them too. I’d also like to hear Lethal Enforcer again. And Tonight. Would def. swap them for It’s a Hit. Well, fair enough. We could try and tell them next time. 😉
    But nevertheless, a great interview.

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