We Are Scientists in Los Angeles on May 9, 2014

I knew this show in LA was going to be good but I never expected that it was going to be as crazy unbelievable as it was. Four days later, I’m still grinning about it. It was phenomenal.

So here’s some of the photos I shot:

14152215326_9007bde22f_z 14175376195_b719e17f8f_z  13988716199_1c47d89a9d_z




And the set list:


The rest of them are here on Flickr.

The local music blogs did an outstanding job in capturing this unforgettable night:

Samantha Saturday for LA Record
Kelsey Heng for Buzzbands LA

And more posts about the show:

Fender: We Are Scientists Pay Homage to Weezer at Troubadour show

Girl’s Gone Child: 203/100 + We Are Scientists + PAWS + Matt Sharp

I’m really glad that I didn’t completely lose my shit and drop my camera when Matt Sharp came on stage to perform with the guys. Here’s what I ended up recording:

Undone – The Sweater Song

Happy Birthday for Keith

A clip of “Susanne”

Friends of P.

Say It Ain’t So




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