We Are Scientists in San Diego on May 10, 2014

The last of the California run of shows was in San Diego at the Casbah on May 10 (Keith’s birthday!!!). We got Matt Sharp again at this one – can this just be a normal thing you’ll always do for any Southern California show, guys? (Chick Lit sounds a hundred times better with Matt on it.)

I didn’t take a lot of photos from this one and only a few came out ok:

14003103519_d6cbe61318_b 14003127440_6c1a960d96_b 14003128630_775731a231_b 14189783485_587d053a57_b

The rest of them are on Flickr.

And a good review of the show:

Listen Hear: Tour Review: We Are Scientists, PAWS (San Diego)


I’ve never taken this many videos at a We Are Scientists show and I generally hate being that person at shows who films too much, but I couldn’t help going overboard anyway for this show because I knew it’d be my last one from them for a while. Enjoy all NINE of ’em:


Lethal Enforcer

Take An Arrow


Chick Lit

Friends of P.

Undone – The Sweater Song

After Hours

Say It Ain’t So




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