Quick update!


Hello! I sorta abandoned this site for a few years. I’m sorry if you’ve looked at this site and wondered why the hell I haven’t updated it- I don’t hate WAS or anything like that. I still love their music, I still love Keith and Chris (and Keith C. too, of course), I still go to as many of their shows I can, etc. etc.

I built this site years ago when there was NOTHING out there for WAS besides their own site and our beloved old Sci-Cave fan forums. 10 years later,  WAS are on it now with all their social media accounts and etc. It feels redundant to post some of things they already posted about.

But I should update this site anyway with some of my own photos and videos from the WAS shows I’ve been to, including the ones from this past weekend and maybe some of the old ones from last year and the year before that. The photo above is from July 15’s show in San Diego.

And here’s a video from that show too!

More later….