We Are Scientists at the Haunt in Ithaca on October 5, 2014

Many thanks to Erin who took some photos and videos from tonight’s We Are Scientists show at The Haunt in Ithaca, NY.

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wasithaca-04 wasithaca-03

Her videos from the show are on her Instagram page: http://instagram.com/ehenric1

And here’s what they played:

Dumb Luck
After Hours
Nobody Move
I Don’t Bite
What You Do Best
Rules Don’t Stop
Make It Easy
Slow Down
Great Escape
Nice Guys


We Are Scientists at the Beauty Bar Las Vegas on September 6, 2014

We Are Scientists played at the Beauty Bar in Las Vegas on September 6, 2014.

Here are some of my photos from that very hot evening (full set on Flickr):

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Here’s what I filmed:

Return The Favor:


Lethal Enforcer:

Almost forgot to post the set list:


The ones that they didn’t play from this list were “Central AC” and “Dinosaurs”

We Are Scientists at the Fonda Theatre on September 5, 2014

We Are Scientists opened for The Rentals at the Fonda Theatre in Hollywood on September 5, 2014.

Here’s some of my photos (the full set is at Flickr):

15045146660_c02a7444cf_k 15045051629_b6afeedbaf_k 15045254097_0dba2ae84f_k 15045251327_efddb8cfc3_k

Keith played with The Rentals:

15231828325_4e74378fc9_k 15208802046_77eb7f8dc0_k

And there was lots of press at this show- here’s their reviews and photos:

LA Record
The Owl Mag
Buzzbands LA
Lyynks Music
Impose Magazine

I only filmed “Lethal Enforcer” during this show:

We Are Scientists in Los Angeles on May 9, 2014

I knew this show in LA was going to be good but I never expected that it was going to be as crazy unbelievable as it was. Four days later, I’m still grinning about it. It was phenomenal.

So here’s some of the photos I shot:

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And the set list:


The rest of them are here on Flickr.

The local music blogs did an outstanding job in capturing this unforgettable night:

Samantha Saturday for LA Record
Kelsey Heng for Buzzbands LA

And more posts about the show:

Fender: We Are Scientists Pay Homage to Weezer at Troubadour show

Girl’s Gone Child: 203/100 + We Are Scientists + PAWS + Matt Sharp

I’m really glad that I didn’t completely lose my shit and drop my camera when Matt Sharp came on stage to perform with the guys. Here’s what I ended up recording:

Undone – The Sweater Song

Happy Birthday for Keith

A clip of “Susanne”

Friends of P.

Say It Ain’t So



We Are Scientists in San Francisco on May 7, 2014

We Are Scientists were in San Francisco last Wednesday and performed at the Independent.

Here’s some of my photos from the show:

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The set list:

10251405_1422368521358740_229113159_n (1)

The rest of the photos I took from this show are here on Flickr.

There were lots of really wonderful photos from this show too and I suggest taking a look through what these photographers caught:

Amber Gregory for The Owl Mag

Rachel Groat on Flickr
Michael Gandy
Clay Lancaster on Facebook
Greg Chow for Prefix Mag

I was much better during this show (compared to the last one) with recording videos:

I Don’t Bite

Lethal Enforcer

Take An Arrow

Dinosaurs (clip)

We Are Scientists in Portland on May 1, 2014

We Are Scientists, Doug Fir Lounge, May 1, 2014

Last week I went to Portland to see my friends and my first show of the We Are Scientists “FRENCHIN’ THE AMERICAS” tour.

May 1st was a stop at the Doug Fir Lounge:

We Are Scientists, Doug Fir Lounge, May 1, 2014

We Are Scientists, Doug Fir Lounge, May 1, 2014 We Are Scientists, Doug Fir Lounge, May 1, 2014


We Are Scientists, Doug Fir Lounge, May 1, 2014


Here’s a photo of the set list (thanks, Keith!)

Set list

I think the encore also had “What You Do Best” and “This Scene Is Dead.”

The rest of the photos I took for this show are here on my Flickr page.

And don’t forget to check out my friend Abby’s photos from this show too – her photos are fantastic and I’m sure there’ll be more from her I’ll have to link to from the shows in Vancouver and Seattle.

Here’s a few videos:

Lethal Enforcer (!!!!!!!)

Dinosaurs (I started kind of late in recording it but that whole part before Chris’s bass solo thing at the end that I always enjoy- HOLY CRAP that was awesome)

We Are Scientists at Universal CityWalk – December 21, 2013

December 21, 2013 - 1

It felt like a Christmas miracle that we got another (free) We Are Scientists show in Los Angeles!

Here’s the setlist (sorry it’s a bit difficult to read):


Rules Don’t Stop
Dumb Luck
Nobody Move
What You Do Best
Chick Lit
I Don’t Bite
Return The Favor
Make It Easy
Can’t Lose
Slow Down
Great Escape (they didn’t play this one)
After Hours

They played “Sprinkles” and “Make It Easy” for the first time here in LA and I can’t get over how good these tracks are. I was freaking out over the new songs they played earlier this year but geez these other new ones- hot damn, I’m so excited for the new album and tour! (Buy tickets to the 2014 tour, everybody!)

And here’s some photos from the show (the rest of ’em are here on Flickr):

Chris - 122113 - 01

Hot new drummer Keith - 122113

Keith - 122113 - 01

Chris - 122113 - 02

Keith - 122113 - 02
Here’s some videos:

Make It Easy:

Sprinkles: (I recorded this too, but Jenn’s video of this is way better than mine)

Dumb Luck:

We Are Scientists on Let’s Big Happy, their show in Brooklyn and on the Wiseling blog

We Are Scientists were featured on the Myspace series, Let’s Big Happy, this week:

They also played a show at the Brooklyn Bowl on Wednesday and their set included THREE NEW SONGS!  Check out the review and photos by Ken Grand-Pierre at Gigape here. He also has more photos of the show here on Flickr. Thank you, Ken, for being the only We Are Scientists fan in NYC to always post fantastic photos from WAS shows there.

And lastly, The Wiseling has: A Creator’s Portrait with We Are Scientists

We Are Scientists at Ithaca College

The Cornell Daily Sun: We Are Scientists perform at Ithaca College

The Ithacan: I’m with the band


See the rest of The Ithacan’s photos here. 

Erin Henrici took a BUNCH of photos that are at Facebook right now, here’s a couple of ’em:


Erin’s video footage of “Impatience”

Gamy Wong also has some great photos of the show, the whole set you can check out on Flickr but here’s a few: