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Hello! I sorta abandoned this site for a few years. I’m sorry if you’ve looked at this site and wondered why the hell I haven’t updated it- I don’t hate WAS or anything like that. I still love their music, I still love Keith and Chris (and Keith C. too, of course), I still go to as many of their shows I can, etc. etc.

I built this site years ago when there was NOTHING out there for WAS besides their own site and our beloved old Sci-Cave fan forums. 10 years later,  WAS are on it now with all their social media accounts and etc. It feels redundant to post some of things they already posted about.

But I should update this site anyway with some of my own photos and videos from the WAS shows I’ve been to, including the ones from this past weekend and maybe some of the old ones from last year and the year before that. The photo above is from July 15’s show in San Diego.

And here’s a video from that show too!

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The Fifth Annual What’s the Word Holiday Giveaway

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Show roundups for Austin, San Antonio and Houston

Last week, I flew to Texas to see the last three dates of the North American fall We Are Scientists tour. Here’s what I’ve got from my Texas WASTRAVANGZA*. I still have videos to upload so keep checking this post for more updates.

(Updated November 4 with all the videos I’ve uploaded from the shows)

October 28: Emo’s, Austin

I took a ton of photos at this show and you can see the rest of the photos in my Flickr set.

Click this because this is a really long post that requires lots of scrolling down

What’s the Word’s Exclusive Interview with We Are Scientists in Kansas City (Part Two)

Prior to their show in Kansas City last week, Mahsa spent some quality time with Chris, Danny and Keith for a What’s the Word exclusive interview. Here’s the second part of her efforts:

We Are Scientists Kill Time In Kansas City

by Mahsa Borhani

M: I don’t really know if this is the best, but,
K: [laughs]
M: [laughs] No! It’s the best question.
C: It is the best.
K: This might turn out to be the best.
C: This could be the best.
D: She just meant best or second-best.
C: Right, right.
M: Exactly. No, actually I didn’t really want to bring it up because I know that in [previous] interviews it’s [been a sensitive] topic, but I’m not going to bring up any of those aspects. You switched drummers since, basically since Brain Thrust Mastery. I know that Michael recorded on that but he didn’t play live with you guys. So I noticed there’s a lot more crash cymbals than hi-hat on the–and I think that’s not because you switched drummers but because of an artistic change, like, “I’m going to do a little less dance-rock and more of like my guilty pleasures,” type of thing. But, I don’t know, can you comment,
K: There used to not exist a crash cymbal in the We Are Scientists drum set-up. Continue reading to hear about Andy’s role in the band, Danny’s cherished hobby, and why they won’t play Lethal Enforcer

What’s the Word’s Exclusive Interview with We Are Scientists in Kansas City (Part One)

Prior to their show in Kansas City last week, Mahsa spent some quality time with Chris, Danny and Keith for a What’s the Word exclusive interview:

We Are Scientists Kill Time In Kansas City

by Mahsa Borhani

Mahsa: What were some of the highlights from your American Tour before you guys decided to play beer pong at Chris’s parents’ house?
Keith: I feel like the tour didn’t really take off until the beer pong.
Chris: It’s an intelligent way of dividing the tour, pre-Bonus Jonas. Yeah.
M: I mean, I was telling Ethan last night–you put anybody in the right environment with the right, maybe right kind of beer, they’ll play beer pong, but he says “No.”
C: No that’s not true, that’s not true.
K: Absolutely not true–that’s our first beer pong game ever, although I guess we just proved that eventually everyone will play beer pong.
M: [laughs]
C: In the right environment. With the right beer.
K: Right. You’re right.
C: Yeah.
Continue reading for Chris’s Hormel endorsement, Danny’s tattoo, and more

The 4th Annual What’s the Word Giveaway

It’s THAT time of the year again: the annual What’s the Word Holiday Giveaway! Last year’s giveaway included some very exclusive, autographed and limited edition items. If you thought last year’s was good, you won’t be disappointed with what it’s in store… click below the cut for all the details.

Edited on January 10 to say that the winners have been chosen! Congratulations to the winners: Paul M., Kathy B. and Brett S.!

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Hard Rock Cafe show audio download, Lethal Enforcer acoustic video from NME

Hard Rock Cafe show broadcast from Q Radio:
Download in one big file OR download it two parts: 1 / 2 
(Sorry this took so long for me to post here!)

And then there’s this performance of Lethal Enforcer from NME.com that Miranda linked to a while ago.


Click on the picture to watch it on Youtube or click here to download the file.

So I know there’s not much news and etc. to post right now, but it doesn’t mean this site will be dormant! This site’s going to be reworked on within the next couple of weeks and I’m in the process of moving all the video and audio files away from Mediafire to somewhere else that’s permanent. Once the move is done, you’ll be able to download everything I’ve linked to on this site plus other old WAS stuff.

Since there’s more than a handful of you out there that take advantage of downloading all the WAS videos that have been linked here, I’ve got an important question for you: what type of video files would you prefer? The choices are in this poll below and it would greatly help me if you answered it:

Keith’s favorite “heart” songs, the Giveaway results

You Ain’t No Picasso’s 12 Days of Mixmas – Day 12: Keith Murray of We Are Scientists
Keith lists his favorite songs that use the word “heart” in the chorus.

Thanks to everyone who entered the What’s the Word Holiday Giveaway! The winners have been contacted. Congratulations Lawrence, Heather, and Caroline! 😀