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Magazine scans

Promotional Images

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Last updated on January 15, 2008




16 thoughts on “Images

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  2. In response to Jon’s great observation of these pictures, not ALL of the pictures were taken at Pomona College. The second to the last one with the red background was not taken in Pomona. I am 99% sure this photo was taken backstage at the El Rey Theater on April 1, 2006.

  3. What-oh chaps!

    Splendid photographs and may I say what alluring bunch of boys you all are.

    I was just saying to the vicar the other day how you young colonial types are always so much better turned out than our home-grown fellows.

    Even in this day and age one shouldn’t underestimate the appeal of a freshly starched shirt and an understated jumper (I believe you would refer to these as sweaters).

    I have to say though that your musical efforts are of even greater interest to me.

    They are simply quite spiffing!

  4. Love your photos. Hope you boys are enjoying your trip to Northern Ireland (pronounced Norn Iron). See you tomorrow night (Belfast)

  5. I would ask these pictures to be my wives. One and all.

    One time I met Keith and Chris but was so excited that I forgot to even ask Chris to sign my photo. Can you believe that? I know, right?! Ho ho ho; if only anyone cared. I do.

    Keith was acetastic on Buzzcocks.

  6. don’t worry Jose. you’re definitely not the only guy who likes W.A.S.
    but I guess you’re right, the majority seems to be female. I wonder why that is? 😉

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